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Bird Food & Feeders

Bird Food & Feeders

Kennedy Wild Birds |  Bird Food & Feeders

Domestic/Pet Bird Seed

Versele lage blended seeds

Blended Seeds

Over tweny blended seed mixtures. Suitable for all types of birds and wildlife, All year round feeding.

Plain Seeds

Nine varieties of Plain seeds to encourage wildlife to your garden

Sunflower seeds

Premium quality bakery grade Sunflower hearts, chips, black and striped sunflower.


Peanuts for wild birds and wildlife. All aflotoxin tested and premium nuts, economy nuts, split nuts, granules and nuts in shells.

Fat Balls & Suet Pellets

Choose from a wide range of Suet based products, An important source of high energy food, essential during winter, and nesting season.

Mealworms (Dried and Live)

A great source of high protein food, part of the wild bird diet. Especially important during nesting and fledgling season when natural insects are in short supply.

Wild Life Feeds

Poultry, Hedgehog, Badger and Squirrel Feeds

Seed Feeders

A superb range of high quality Seed and Niger feeders for both straight seeds and blended mixtures.

Nut Feeders

A variety of high quality peanut feeders for your garden.

Other feeders

A selection of alternative high quality feeders for table and ground feeding birds.

Nest Boxes & Wildlife Homes

Providing homes and shelters for birds and other small garden visitors to roost and breed.

Droll Yankees Accessories

A selection of high quality (Droll Yankee) feeder trays, hooks, links and garden poles.

Kennedy Wild Birds |  Bird Food & Feeders

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