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TEL: 01778 342665
Here at Kennedy Wild Bird Food you will discover only the finest wild bird foods and accessories, including a wide selection of top quality birdseed, sunflower hearts, peanuts, seed feeders and much more. It has never been more important that we provide for the wild birds visiting our gardens and to ensure this is as easy as possible we offer a next day delivery service and free UK shipping.

On top of our wild bird ranges we also offer indoor bird feed, dog chews and cat, dog, rabbit and fish food, so all your pet needs are covered. Don’t forget to sign up for our loyalty point scheme, when your order amounts to over £50, to enjoy exclusive offers in the future when you return to stock up again.

Wild Bird Food Categories

Blended Bird Seeds

A selection of 20 blended feeds in 13kg and 25kg options
from £23.45 per 25kg delivered

Peanuts for birds

A selection of Peanut products available in 13kg and 25kg options
from £ 36.99 per 25kg delivered

Sunflower Hearts

A selection of Sunflower seed products available in 13kg and 25kg options
From £35.99 per 25kg delivered


A selection of dried and live Meal worms and Wax worms. Available in quantities from 250g to 12.55Kg
From £33.50 per 3kg delivered

Top bird food

Plain Bird Seeds

A selection of plain seeds available in 13kg and 25kg options
Prices as listed

Countryside Stewardship

A selection of plain and blended seeds designed to meet the 'Hungry Gap' for farmland birds
Prices as listed

Seed Feeders

A Fabulous Range of Droll Yankee seed feeder. All sold with a lifetime guarantee.
Prices as listed

Fatballs and Suet Products

Fatballs and suet products
Prices as listed

Dog Food

A selection of premium dog foods
Prices as listed

Dog Chews

A selection of premium rawhide dog chews
Prices as listed

Fish Foods

A selection of premium feeds for Koi and pond fish
Prices as listed

Bird Feeders

A selection of high quality seed, nut and squirell proof feeders
Prices as listed
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Kennedy wild bird food Ltd

TEL: 01778 342665

Wild bird food and seed at low prices

At Kenedy Wild Bird Food we aim to supply you with highest quality wild bird foods & accessories. You will find on the website a wide selection of the top quality bird seeds, sunflower hearts, peanuts for birds, seed feeders and more. To provide you the best quality service we suggest a loyalty program. We also offer a next day delivery and free uk shipping.
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