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Wild Bird Catagories

Blended Seeds

A selection of 20 blended feeds in 13kg and 25kg options
from £24.45 per 25kg delivered


A selection of Peanut products available in 13kg and 25kg options
from £ 36.99 per 25kg delivered

Sunflower Hearts

A selection of Sunflower seed products available in 13kg and 25kg options
From £36.99 per 25kg delivered


A selection of dried and live Meal worms and Wax worms. Available in quantities from 250g to 10Kg
From £33.50 per 3kg delivered

Dog Food

A selection of premium dog foods
Prices as listed

Dog Chews

A selection of premium rawhide dog chews
Prices as listed

Fish Foods

A selection of premium feeds for Koi and pond fish
Prices as listed

Bird Feeders

A selection of high quality seed, nut and squirell proof feeders
Prices as listed
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